Solve error "No Information Contained in the BKF File"

NTBackup Prevents Complete Data Loss: Most of you must be using NTBackup utility (a backup application that comes packaged with most versions of Microsoft Windows) to create backups of your precious data on a regular basis. You do this to prevent complete data loss during some adverse situation like corruption as you can restore your data using this backup. Files created using NTBackup.exe are saved with .bkf extension.

Corruption Can Endanger Crucial Data

Sometimes, when you try to open any of these BKF files, you get error messages on your screen. Now, if you try to determine the cause of this issue, then is most cases, corruption turns out to be the ascertained reason behind it. When BKF files corrupt, you are unable to access them and as a result cannot use them to restore the data saved in those files. Inaccessibility of BKF files can leave you baffled since the data has immense importance.

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Error You Might Encounter: Talking of a possible scenario where you try to open BKF file to restore data and see an error message on your screen stating, "There is no information contained in the file…" This suggests that that NTBackup is unable to extract the information stored in that BKF file. Furthermore, you will see this message over and over again when you open this corrupt BKF file.

Grounds of This Problem – BKF Corruption

The root cause behind the emergence of this error message would certainly be BKF corruption. BKF files can get corrupted due to many hard to evade reasons like

  • Hardware failure
  • Software malfunctioning
  • Malicious software (virus etc)
  • Sudden and thus improper system shutdown
  • Installation of service packs causing trouble
  • Backup creation simultaneously with BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) and other such cause

Another Reason for This Problem: BKF corruption and the error message "There is no information contained in the file…" can also occur when you create a BKF file and then install Windows with a different product key after creating the backup.

Viable Solution to Get Back Data

Third-Party BKF Recovery Tool: For solving the abovementioned problem, you can invest in a reliable third-party BKF file extractor tool to repair BKF file and restore BKF file data. Best BKF Repair software is one such tool that can read BKF file that is corrupt, and can fix BKF file. Using this tool, you can easily extract BKF files data and can save the resultant repaired BKF files to any required location.

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