How to Restore NTBackup File?

How to Restore NTBackup File? Backing Up Data in Computer (A Requisite): Backing up of important data files in computer is a prime requisite these days with the ever increasing dependence on computers and with the increasing importance of computer data in almost every type of work. Also, this is an activity that needs to be performed frequently if you want to salvage your crucial data in case of corruptions or other adverse scenarios.

Windows In-built Backup Utility (NTBackup)

Microsoft Windows has an inbuilt backup utility, NTBackup. Windows users can take the backup of all their crucial data files on the system using this NTBackup tool. The backup files created using NTBackup have BKF extension. These BKF files help you to get back all your significant data at the time of data loss or data corruption or data deletion as you can restore all the data that you stored in these BKF files using the "Restore" tab present in NTBackup.

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If BKF Files Corrupt: Even the backup facility cannot give you 100% data back guarantee as these BKF files are also prone to corruption. In some unforeseen circumstances, even your BKF files created using NTBackup Restore utility can get corrupted. The reason behind such corruption is mostly unpredictable and unintentional, therefore, unavoidable.

A Common Reason for BKF Corruption – Missing Catalog File

BKF corruption can happen due to missing catalog files. Catalog files are the files that allow NTBackup to restore data from BKF . These catalog files produce during backup operation and are stored in a folder, named catalogs folder, on your system. These appear under the "Restore" tab in NTBackup. In case you try to make more than one backup at a time, these catalog files share matching timestamp attribute. The set you created first will only show up under this restore tab but the other set created simultaneously will not show up. This causes BKF corruption. When such corruption happens, if you look at the BKF files, created by the coordinated execution of multiple backup processes at one time, you will find that catalog files are missing from the "Restore" tab.

How to Restore NTBackup Data?

After such incidence of BKF corruption, you can restore NTBackup exe database using a third-party NTBackup restore software tool. One such disaster NTBackup recovery tool is BKF Repair software, which can be easily used as an NTBackup recovery solution in any of the backup corruption cases of BKF files created using NTBackup. This BKF file recovery tool is a simple and intuitive solution for Windows backup recovery. It is an easy-to-use tool yet technologically advanced, which helps you to get high-end recovery results comfortably. BKF repair software runs with Windows 7 OS also along with most of the older versions of Microsoft Windows.

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