How to Repair Backup Files? Easy Solution to Repair Backup

How to repair backup files? To prevent data loss during some adverse situation, most people use NTBackup utility which is inbuilt in Microsoft Windows. This NTBackup utility creates backups for precious data on a regular basis. Files created using NTBackup.exe are saved with .bkf extension. These files are also known as BKF files.Why User Require Backup Recovery Tool? Even after using NTBackup utility, sometimes BKF files get corrupted or damaged or lost.

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Reasons for BKF corruption are

  • Due to malfunctioning of Software
  • An uninvited virus attack also corrupts BKF files
  • Sudden shutdown of system because of power failure
  • Trouble occurs while installing service packs is also an important cause of corruption
  • Hardware failure

Role of BKF Tool

While working with Windows, users create backup files to save the data. However, due to above mentioned reasons, these backup BKF files get crashed or lost or deleted and one question arises in your mind that How to Repair Backup Files? To repair crashed backup catalog, offers a tool called BKF Repair software. This Backup repair tool repairs all backup files which may corrupt or lost. It is the most convenient tool to repair backup .bkf files. BKF Repair tool gives securer recovery for backup files. Features which make BKF Repair to have an edge over the counterpart software applications available all around the world some useful features of this Backup File Reader Tool are:


  • Supports NTBackup and VERITAS Backup both
  • It examine corrupted file safely and quickly
  • Backup repair tool repairs all the parts of BKF files
  • Gives self explanatory interface to the user
  • Also Ensures full-fledged recovery of BFK files
  • Provide Scanning & repairing for every corruption case
  • Supporting almost all Windows versions

Among the users BKF Recovery is the most popular tool to recover BKF files efficiently. Now, Process of BKF Recovery has become easier with BKF Recovery tool. MS BKF Repair software has a wide variety of ways to perform BKF Recovery process within a short period of time. You can also recover only selected files from huge quantity of damaged BKF files with BKF Recovery software which includes useful Range based Scan feature.

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